The God has been kind to bless me with the life of human to live. I feel so proud to be an Indian, a part of country full of culture and traditions. But, as it’s said, ‘a country is recognized by the people who lives there’, it’s necessary to have a society of people who can contribute to country. Every citizen has this responsibility to contribute to his country by any means. The country will make progress when all the people get into one stream to make the country a better place. Unfortunately, it is difficult to take all people together as some struggle even to live their own life. The reason could be anything, it may be the poverty, physical disabilities or whatever else but they struggle to live their lives. So, it is the responsibility of other people to help them, make them stronger to stand by the side of other people.

I, as a citizen of this country always wanted to make my little contribution to my country. And what could be the better way than spreading social awareness among the society I live in. My website ( has provided this opportunity to spread social awareness through it. Being honest, I was in search of such thing/way so that I could make it through. I searched for many social cause websites, charity websites and finally I found one that seemed appropriate to me to spread about.

GiveIndia is a not for profit organization in India. It is an online donation platform and aims to channel and provide resources to credible Non-Governmental Organizations across India. It is a web portal, raises funds and contributions from individuals across India and the world and then disburses these donations to credible Indian NGOs.

Nishabd is proudly promoting with the couple of more websites like and to spread social awareness among the people and societies.

It will be pleasing thing for me if anybody turns to these websites and donates just because of Nishabd. Hopefully, Nishabd will also help and donate to these needful in the future. Do visit these websites and contribute if possible.

प्रतिक अक्कावार

शब्दांची भावना आणि विचारांशी सांगड घालून शाब्दिक कलाकृती निर्माण करणारा असाच एक.

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