Nishabd, meaning ‘No Words’ or ‘Wordless’ in English is the title of my website i.e. The name itself is completely contradictory to it’s tag line ‘words from my heart’ and I will explain why it is so, later in the article. Firstly, let me tell you about my poems.

My poems have always been a part of me & my life and will remain for the rest of my life. Each one of them is close to my heart. My writing, whether it’s a poem or quote, is the reflection of my thoughts I had, feelings I felt, emotions I ran into and experiences I faced at the different stages of my life, to some extent. Sometimes I wrote because I was happy, sometimes I wrote because I was sad or angry or pleased or crazy and so on. (you can’t count the number of emotions man can run into). But, whatever was the reason they are special and a part of me. The precious thing I would say. Even in future it will be the same with me about this writing thing.  Nishabd, ( is not merely a website, it’s like a dream that is coming to reality. I never thought that I will do this and even today I don’t know about it’s future but it is that beautiful feeling everyone would love to have. I have written poems in three languages viz. Marathi, Hindi and English and hopefully will continue to do so in the future also.

Now, coming to the title of the website. There is a purpose behind it too. I am a kind of boy who is most likely to become mute or wordless when gets extremely happy or hurt or sad or overwhelmed. Most of the time I become wordless i.e. ‘Nishabd’, at times it is my heart which could speak those words that I wanted to. The words that come from my heart. So, is the name of the website and the tag line.
I tried to serve you a piece of me through the words from my heart and hopefully will continue to do so.

प्रतिक अक्कावार

शब्दांची भावना आणि विचारांशी सांगड घालून शाब्दिक कलाकृती निर्माण करणारा असाच एक.

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