Story Behind Nishabd

Story Behind Nishabd

It’s been almost more than three years back when I wrote my first poem and since then I managed to write some poems which are currently published on  Initially I wrote some poems in my native language Marathi, thereafter I wrote some poems in national language Hindi and in international language English as well.

Being a person not so interested in writing or reading, I completely ignored my writing capabilities and never think of collecting my poems at one place. Usually, my poems could only be found in my cell in the form of messages or notes. I used to share my poems only with my friends and my friends used to appreciate them most of the time. Soon, I shared my poems with my sisters and my family also came to know about my poetry writing thing. Each time I was asked by many of them (my friends/ family) to gather my all poems at one place when  they came to know my careless approach towards my writing stuff. To them it was not less than a skill or art of writing but for me it was only a way of expressing my feelings with the help of words. But, as I remembered It was that day when one of my friends made me realize the worth of having those writing stuff with me, and I got encouraged. It was hardly more than a year back, I spent whole two days searching my old poems from my cell messages and gathered them into one file. Since then I am maintaining them and will continue doing this.

In the beginning of last year(2012), an idea came to my mind to build a website to explore my writing content and since then I have been working around it. Through this journey I learned lots of new things and still learning to my capabilities to give you a better experience on my website

The story is still incomplete and has no end.

About The Author

Hi there, my name is Pratik Akkawar. I am occasionally a poet, blogger, thinker and an amateur writer; trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems. Beside that, I am a day dreamer, lazy reader and patient listener. Life is very much unpredicted and there is a lot to explore in the world. So, breath, smile, laugh and love for you are going to live only once. You can catch me on the associated urls listed below. Thank you for passing by. Stay blessed ! Cheers !!!

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